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A New Pipe Every Month? What?!
The monthly goody bag for a toker!
Another No BullShit Review by Clean420
We have all seen the boring monthly packages you can subscribe to that deliver you some more things to just throw over on the dresser. The pile gets out of control, right?
Had you ever wished there was a monthly ….. Well, TokerPack?
Guess what? Now there is. While scrambling around the web as I frequently do, I ran across a site with the name of just that, Tokerpak. A subscription service for the stoner. When I saw the name, I said to myself, this can’t be so, I was literally just discussing this with a buddy last week.
With excitement I eagerly verified my age and entered the visually appealing site to find exactly what I had envisioned when I discovered a shop with a name of this caliber.
I began with viewing the past toker packs sent out. “With monthly subscription packs it is always best to begin with their past packages, as a lot of times they put visually appealing packs on the front page yet that is only a once per year pack”. To my surprise I found excellent looking packs that had been sent out, with a few of them still available to purchase today.
Each previous TokerPak included something quite different to keep things fresh. These guys offer three different sized packs. The beginner package is called the paper pack mini, and it costs $15. It seems to include a couple packs of premium brand papers.
If that’s not quite what you are looking for in a monthly stoner pack, then you can easily step up to the paper pack and get a couple of packs of premium brand papers and a few accessories as well. Surprises are included in this package. I like surprises… Yes, I ordered one as I am a sucker for the surprise packs.
That’s not all though, if you are more of a glass fan and would like to get glass pipes every month, I definitely urge you to check out the “GlassPack”. These guys don’t jip you when it comes to the glass. It appears by looking at the past monthly packs with glass pipes have all been high quality pieces. I even see a dab torche in a few packs. Not one of the cheap gas station torches either, a real deal dab torche.
It gets even better though guys, TokerPak not only ships glass pipes each month, but they have packs that have Dab Rigs as well.
Quite honestly, this is the best looking TokerPack subscription service I believe I have run across. These guys don’t send you junk. This is actually a great way to get get a glass pipe every month from here on out, without having to visit a local head shop. It appears to be a much more affordable option as well as a more convenient option.
Be careful, you will have all of your friends jonesin to come over just to see your new piece you get in each month.
As always, I’ll give a “No BullShit Review”
Personally, I believe this is the nicest TokerPack subscription offered today.
  • Fairly Priced

Plenty of options to fit anybodies budget.
  • Various options to choose from

There is sure to be a TokerPack to fit your budget
  • 100% Discreet shipping

Claims to offer 100% discreet shipping. This is valuable for those of us who live in the bible belt states that still frown upon medicinal marijuana use as well as recreational.
  • Offers freebies

Actually offering a chance at 99% off glass pipes currently
So, there you have it. I stumbled upon what may have been my best discovery of the year. Well, that is if you are a stoner which if you are reading this you should be. So, do yourself a favor and check these guys out. I don’t think you will be disappointed, and please come back and share your opinion. I like to hear what you think.

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